12 Runs Needed off 1 ball The Most Amazing Finish

T20 cricket has its own kind of intimidation for the players. This format came into existence some 10 to 12 years ago. At the start it was just in South Africa and after that it just spread out. Now it is the leading format of cricket and millions of people are addicted to it. The reason for the sudden success of T20 cricket is the entertainment. It gives you the same kind of entertainment which a 50 overs game gives but only in the last 10 overs of the team batting and the condition is that it should have wickets in hand.

There are a lot of sixes and fours hit in those overs and overall in a T20 game there are always sixes and fours being hit. This is the reason this format has taken a boom in the world of cricket. Now there are leagues played for this format. Here we see one of the T20 games played in New Zealand and the batting team won the game on the last ball. The most interesting thing is that they required 12 runs on the final ball. This was not possible but was made possible by Andre Adams.

The kiwi all-rounder was batting and he missed the second last ball of the over first. This was an excellent ball from the bowler. It was full and straight outside the off stump. Call it a yorker outside the off stump and such balls are really very hard to play.

On the last ball 12 runs were needed. The bowler went to bowl another yorker. This time he missed out. It was a low full toss and the ball hit the edge of the bat and went down to the deep third man and hit the fence for a four. Now as per the rules of the event, no ball cost 2 runs. Hence Adams got 6 runs from this no ball.

The last ball was to be bowled again. Still the bowler had the chance as he needed to hit the ball in the right area. Now the pressure was there on the bowler. He hit a full length ball and it was picked up over long off for a six. This was a very easy hit for the batter. The ball was right in that area where he went out to hit the ball. There was no issue with the line here but the length was horrible. It was played with a straight bat and the ball went a long way. Andre Adams and his side won the match.

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