3 back to back wickets for Finn Against Australia

The ICC cricket world cup 2015 has started in style as we have seen a brilliant hundred by Finch and a hat trick that Finn pulled out from nowhere. Australians were cruising towards getting a total of more than 350 runs but Finn put a break to it.

Australia managed 342 with a loss of 9 wickets. Finn bagged 5 wickets but at a costly price. He was hit around for 71 runs. He was expensive today and was hit all around the park.

This video is a short clip capturing Finn’s hat trick in this last over. Interestingly it was also the last over of the first innings as well. Finn’s last over was though very cheap when it comes to runs. He grabbed 3 wickets as well.

The players he got out were Brad Hayden, Glenn Maxwell and Mitchell Johnson. All tried to club him out of the park but were caught trying. It was 49.3 when Hayden tried to smack Finn on the leg side but he moved too much on the
off side thus edged it to deep third man.

Broad took a good catch to dismiss Hayden, next in line was Maxwell who exposed his stumps tried to clear mid off but was taken in the deep by Root. It was an excellent catch as Root dived to his right to take a stunner.

Next to go was Johnson who tried to loft a ball that was pitched short over mid off but was caught easily by Anderson who was waiting for such shot.

The last over for Finn and England ended with a hat trick.