Laziest Run out ever

This is one of the most shocking dismissals ever, and it has just come in a Quarter final fixture of the Vijay Hazare One Day Trophy, one of the prestigious domestic tournaments in India. The man under the shame filled spotlight is none other than India’s own opener, Delhi boy Gautam Gambhir. Gambhir has been a unique cricketer his entire career. At times he can be a super hot head, and at other times, he can be as quite and polite as a feather.

Well, as things turned out, Gambhir panned out too casual for Delhi today. A shot knicked to fine leg was always going to result in a very easy single, but Gambhir’s super lazy attitude cost him his wicket in arguably the most embarrassing fashion of his whole career. Gambhir kept walking and walking like a tortoise, almost as if he had come with a mindset that there were no fielders present at the ground.

The fielding of all fielders around the world has upgraded in general over the last decade or so, especially with increased T20 cricket. Direct hits have become super common, but Gautam Gambhir was pretty sure he had no chance of getting out, want he? Watch how his ignorance and lack of concentration ended up costing him his precious wicket. Taking nothing away from the fielder’s amazing direct hit, Gambhir had no one to blame but himself for getting out in humiliating fashion.

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