AB De Villiers Emotional speech after the world cup

The South African captain spoke his heart out few days ago as he recorded a message to his nation after the world cup semi final defeat against the Kiwis.

South African team has everything in them the talent, the class, the aggression and the technique but they always uses to lose their way in a big cup.

It appears as if their luck runs out every time they enter a major tournament. This time they lost to the kiwis in a nail biting contest and again at the dying stages of the match it was clearly seen that luck is not favoring them at all.

Catches went down, edges dropped in no man’s land and to hurt the most clear and easy runs outs were missed and one of them was missed from AB as well who is known as one of the best fielders in the world.

In his message AB apologized to his nation and all the cricket fans around the world who support the South African cricket team. AB said they he knows its hard for the fans to coup with the defeat but they all have too.

They cannot rest in here and lose their hope. We are a strong nation and we will come back strong. What happened in the past in behind us now we are looking for the future?

We did our best but couldn’t hold on to the match and for that we are extremely sorry. My team didn’t lose hope and I want our fans to do the same.

I thank you all for supporting us all along and for that we are really happy.