Afridi 4 sixes against Srilanka, 2nd T20

Shahid Afridi has today blistered the Srilankan bowling attack with 4 humongous hits and his innings of 45 form just 22 balls has put his team right back into the match. Afridi was in some mode today and whoever came in his way he just destroyed him.

His went over 200% strike rate against all the bowlers and decimated the Srilankan bowling line up. The four sixes he hit were against Siriwardane, Jeffery and Malinga. First was hit against he left arm off spinner Siriwardane.

Afridi hit him for a four on the previous ball which was short and once again Siriwardane outs in a short ball and this time Afridi went for the maximum towards the leg side. It was a typical Afridi slog hit that came of the middle of his bat.

Then came Jeffery who showed his inexperience when he too like Siriwardane tried to bowl short ones to Afridi and on this wicket there was no way Afridi could have let go the short stuff.

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The first one went down the deep mid-wicket as Afridi clears his front leg and hits it down the leg side. The second was a brilliant flick off the hips from Afridi. On both occasion the ball came right from the sweet spot and there was no way they could have landed short.

The last one was against the Srilankan captain and like all his other he too went for the short one. He too was belted down the leg side. It was a flick off the hips again and again the ball went to the distance at deep square leg fence for a huge six.