Afridi sixes in CPL

Shahid Afridi had an average tournament this year in the CPL T20. He didn’t get the peak of his form with both his bat and ball but when it comes to Afridi there will surely be sixes flying around and here we have witnessed a few.

Afridi hit all of his CPL sixes in his most favorite areas, from long on to the square leg fence is where Afridi is very strong and he remained strong in this particular area throughout his international career. He is a muscular man there is no doubt about it.

The first hit we see here flew down to long off. In real it flew to the nets present outside the ground. It was a 97 meter long hit that came right from the middle of his willow. Afridi hit Rampaul for 2 huge sixes down to long off on consecutive deliveries.

The first went over as stated above on a slow ball. The next was again bowled a slower one, a leg cutter to be more precise and Afridi again waited for it and when the ball reached his arc, it was hit flow of bat and the disappeared into the crowd once again.

A few of the hits went towards the mid-wicket fence as well. Afridi puts so much power in his shots that they hardly land inside the ground and we see here a few of his hits didn’t come from the middle of his willow yet they went all the way for some huge sixes.

Afridi will now be seen in action again Srilanka captaining the Pakistan T20 side in the upcoming T20 series in Srilanka.