Afridi slams M.Yousaf

Since the world cup started M.Yousaf the ex Pakistani cricketer and captain was continuously criticizing Afridi for his poor performances. In the past also we have seen Yousaf criticizing Afridi a lot. Now Afridi has opened up and is replying back to Yousaf.

On a TV show Afridi was asked by the Host Umer Sharif about the cold war between him and Yousaf and asked him to tell the inside story. Afridi cleared everything by saying that first there is no personal dispute between us.

I have seen Yousaf criticizing me irrationally in a TV channel. I admit that he is far better player and Muslim than me but the way he is criticizing me all too wrong.

I don’t have a beard on my face and a cap on my head but that doesn’t mean that I am not dutiful to my God. Yousaf is wasting his energies. His remarks about me are unethical.

Yousaf is no more a cricketer now his duties are now with the Tableeghi jamaat and he has to think about it.  Now it is not the matter of personal character now he has is representing a group of people who are preaching a religion.

Yousaf should think of the respect his jamaat carries. His false and irrational talk will damage the respect that the jamaat carries. He should get sensible now.

This is the reason people run from religion. They look at you and see that you yourself are not doing the duties to God that you are preaching to others to do so.

Yousaf left his country’s pride and went to play ICL. Money mattered more to him whereas I rejected their offer of 7 crore Rs as I told them I will play for my country.