Afridi stuns De Silva

The captain of the Pakistan T20 team Shahid Afridi has taken down the main man from Srilanka in his second over and it was a peach of a delivery and the inexperience De Silva had no clue how or what to play on that one.

De Silva departed in the 9th over of the innings while the score was 61. Afridi bowled this one straight and the ball went with the angle. On the other hand De Silva who is a right hander thought that the ball would spin which it didn’t.

Afridi bowled this one with a fast pace, not much fast but it was fast if compared to his early deliveries and De Silva had no shot to offer to it. He didn’t move his legs a bit and stayed on his back foot to counter this one.

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The ball went with the angle and there was a huge gap present between the bat and the pads of De Silva and the ball went straight into this gap and disturbed the wickets. It was crucial wicket and the captain named to himself.

De Silva who played a decent knock in the previous match was the one playing the sheet anchor role in the Srilankan team in the first match and his wicket was the biggest one in the top order for Pakistan.

Good to see Afridi getting a top wicket which will definitely help in get his confidence back and especially as it is a big one so it will lift the team’s moral as well. Pakistan is on a roar here today and they sure look dangerous.