Afridi’s Strong Reply for Yousaf

There has been a continuous use of words between M.Yousaf and Afridi in the past and now it has turn ugly. Yousaf was seen continuously criticizing Afridi on media. He went too far in doing so. Afridi tried to keep his calm but there is a limit to everything.

Afridi yesterday on a TV show slammed Yousaf for his irrational and unethical behavior. He started by saying that first I admit that Yousaf would be a great cricketer than me. He even would be a great Muslim too.

Yousaf needs to understand the fact that he is not a cricketer anymore. He is now part of the biggest religious group in Pakistan who preach the religion to people.

He represents the Tableeghi Jamaat and people look him at an ambassador to the Jamaat. His words and actions are now even more important so he should know what he is talking about.

The reason people question the basic education the religion offers is because of people like Yousaf. They always do opposite to the basic teachings of the religion and then at the same time are preaching it as well.

No one will come to you when you yourself are not following the same rules which you want others to follow as well. Yousaf needs to put some serious thoughts on this.

He went to play ICL and left his country where was his love for the country back then. I was offered 7 crore Rs to play in the ICL which I refused as I wanted to play for my country.