Ahmad Shahzad helicopter shot, National ODI cup 2016

It seems that Ahmad Shahzad is learning the batting tricks from MS Dhoni these days. At least his winning shot today in the National ODI cup game tells us the same story. It was a helicopter shot Ahmad Shahzad and it was amazing.

Anwar Ali was the bowler and this length ball was hit over long on for a six. It was a massive hit that sealed the game in the favor of HBL. Ahmad hit some wonderful runs in the innings. He is getting into a better batting shape these days.HBL is going good in the cup so far. Ahmad Shahzad is leading them and his captaincy is also really impressive. Ahmad Shahzad did his best in most of the games and as a result he got his sides wins as well. So things are shaping up well for this young man.

As for his shot it was always on the cards. There were few runs left with plenty of balls remaining. Ahmad Shahzad had the opportunity to go against the bowler. Anwar Ali presented him with the ideal ball. It was full and in the hitting zone. Anwar might have wanted to finish a yorker and missed his length with a few inches. Ahmad picked this up in the best possible manner. He hit the ball from the middle of his bat and this one went a long way over long on and into the stands.

Ahmad Shahzad’s execution was that of Dhoni. This was a carbon copy of MS Dhoni helicopter shot. The flick of the wrist and the ball goes into the stands. Ahmad certainly has learnt this shot as it seems. Good solid hitting from the HBL captain.

Ahmad way back to Pakistan team is not near not far. It will depend on his performances. At the moment there is a debate on two names. Mohammad Hafeez and Kamran Akmal are being considered for the ODI series. Now they both are getting support and criticism at the same time. Some members of the selection panel want them in and some not.
It will be Inzamam who will make the final call. He has asked Ahmad to concentrate on his performances in the domestic cricket. He has assured Ahmad that if he bats well in the games then he will take him in the side. Ahmad is really doing the right job here. He is getting runs. He is making sure he behaves normal. These small details count a lot and Ahmad know this very well now.

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