Ahmad Shahzad hits 4 consecutive fours, National ODI Cup 2016

Ahmad Shahzad is in superb form with the bat these days. The Pakistani opener hit four consecutive fours the moment he came out to bat for HBL today. This was a great start for the right hander and also showed that he is in a great batting form.

Ahmad hit his shots with perfection. He was on the mark straight away. He pushed the ball in the gaps and due to the fielders present inside the circle he got the desired results. Ahmad is still batting and he is definitely thinking about going to make something big today.

The first shot was a short arm jab on the leg side. The ball was short and Ahmad just helped it on its way over the leg side. The ball went to the left of the short fine leg fielder and raced away to the fence for a four. This was the start for Ahmad here.

The next hit was on the off side. Another short ball and Ahmad just picks this one up on the off side over the infield. The ball hit the meaty part of the bat and as the fielders were inside the circle there was no one present to stop the ball in the outer field.

With these two shots the over ended and then in the next over when Ahmad came to strike he hit two back to back fours again. This time it was a left arm spin bowler who could not get to stop Ahmad from hitting his shots.
The first shot was a leg side sweep. This one was hit with all the power. The ball was timed perfectly and despite a dive from the fielder the ball still managed to hit the fence. Ahmad clearly showed that he was not going to sit down and defend the ball all the time.

Ahmad then used his feet on the next ball and dispatched it over the long on fence. This was another beautiful shot from the opener. He went to the pitch of the ball and hammered it over the head of the fielder. He used the circle restrictions to his use here Ahmad. He hit the shots aerial on three occasion just to beat the infield. Ahmad Shahzad is playing well. At the moment he is still not being considered for the international cricket. Ahmad is not part of the Pakistan ODI team which will take part against Australia in their home town. Ahmad needs to work a lot harder it seems.

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