Aleem Dar Dancing in front of Imran Nazir and Abdul Razzaq

Pakistan Umpire Aleem Dar is a man of many talents. When he is umpiring in the field of cricket, he is one of the best and most of the time the modern cricket technology is seen affirming his on field decisions. He is a great human being as well.

Apart from this he is a good dancer as well. Yup you heard it right Aleem can dance. Though it is really hard to believe looking at Aleem who always carry a serious face around. His talent in dancing was explored during a TV show. Aleem was not the only one present in the show from the cricket fraternity. There were names like Abdul Razzaq and Imran Nazir sitting out there. But the two players decided not to be a part of Aleem’s dancing performance.

Aleem was dancing with the host of the show and he showed some serious dancing skills. He did not look professional though but still for a cricket umpire doing this was pretty much hard. Imran and Razzaq both were seen praising Aleem with claps and hooting. Aleem is one remarkable figure in cricket. He has been awarded with the best cricket umpire for three consecutive years. He and Australian Simon Toufell both have been tagged as the best umpires in cricket for the last 2 decades.

Australia is a place where Aleem enjoys his work. There is something about this piece of land which pulls out the best of his umpiring abilities. Aleem rose to fame in Australia when in one of the Ashes test his decisions stunned everyone. The modern day technology showed that every time Aleem made a decision he was spot on. There was no mistake done from him and even the Australian captain Rickey Pointing became a huge fan of Aleem after that series. Australia still admires Aleem’s work and most of the time he conducts their series.

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