Aleem Dar’s Dance video

Pakistani cricket umpire Aleem Dar is a character which has multiple shades. He is a serious looking fellow who can deceive you any time with his looks. The best thing about Aleem is that despite having serious facial expressions on the face, he is a fun loving guy.

Now only this but Aleem is also one of the most highly rated umpires in world cricket. Aleem has conducted many tough series and he has always emerged as the best of the best. His brilliance in the field always make him a desirable official. Here we see the other side of Aleem. Apart from doing all the cricketing decisions and all the related stuff. Here we see Aleem dancing and that was another spectacular performance from the Pakistani umpire. Aleem rocked the floor here.

This is one of the celebrity shows and we can see Imran Nazir and Abdul Razzaq also present there. Though Imran and Razzaq avoided to come on the stage to show their dancing moves but Aleem certainly accepted the offer. He took no time to get in with the host of the show and then it was all about music and Aleem showing some serious dancing skills. Those who have been Aleem’s fans for years would be surprised to see this video for sure.

Aleem was dancing while Imran and Razzaq were clapping and shouting for him. Coming back to the cricket of Aleem. There is no doubt that if the Australians believe in any umpire it is Aleem Dar. Former Australian skipper Rickey Ponting was a huge fan of Aleem. He has praised him a lot of times in and out of the field. Despite the two also having some rough time in the field still both these big cricketing names have a huge respect for each other.

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