Most amazing run-outs in cricket

For the past 10 to 15 year we have seen all the cricketing sides making a lot of efforts on fielding and even the teams who are weak in batting and bowling till have a high standard in fielding. With one good catch or a run out the whole context of the game changes and losing sides emerges as winners.

Here is a compilation of some serious fiddling skills in which the batsman was run out in such amazing manners that one cannot simply believe it.

The first one os off the former Australian pace machine Johnson who made KP run out with a kick to the ball. KP and Johnson were in a race as the ball was resting dead on the pitch. Johnson and KP reached near the line and then Johnson kicked the ball towards the stumps.

The ball crashed into the stumps and KP and clearly out then we have kiwi batsman Martin Guptill who ran Amla out in a brilliant manner. He came all the way from the off side and after picking up he ball he hit the stumps with a big dive.

The two collided in the crease but before that the run out was made. Australian middle-order batsman Cameron White once stunned Ian Bell with a magnificent fielding effort and a throw.

White dived to his left at point to stop the ball and then from a very difficult angle he threw the ball towards the stumps and it hit directly.bell was not in the frame when he bails went off.

Indian batsman Kaif one flew from covers and picked the ball to hit the stumps directly from a difficult angle to get the wicket of Nick Knight. This page shows how important the fielding now have become and all the teams now have raised their standards.