Aqib Javed and Miandad Fight with Umpire

Pakistan toured to England in the winter of 1992 to play a full series. The tor was successful but laid a controversy as well. The controversy was all about Aqib and Javed’s verbal fight with the umpire Palmer.

It all started in a test when Aqib bowled a short pitch ball that wasn’t short enough to be looked upon as a bouncer. The batsmen went on his knees and in result the ball hit his helmet.

Umpire Palmer warned Aqib of bowling to many short pitch deliveries and also asked him to keep in mind the safety of the batsman.

Aqib was surprised upon this warning. He told the umpire that it wasn’t short enough nor it should be called a bouncer.

Meanwhile Javed walked in and talked to the umpire he too asked the umpire to review his decision because it was not a short ball at all but the umpire remained unchanged on his decision.

Aqib in anger over the decision bowled the next one a bouncer which was called a no ball and Aqib was given an official warning.

Aqib didn’t even notice about anything and bowled the last ball again as a bouncer. Umpire Palmer call that an over and went to his place at square leg.

Aqib and javed followed him and exchange few words and umpire Palmer remained with his biased decision. Aqib was more furious of the two. At one moment it appeared as it he will hit the umpire.

Pakistani players went to Aqib and asked him to keep his calm. Aqib in the next over bowled the batsman with a beautiful slow ball.