Ashwin’s answer on Shahid Afridi’s two sixes

Shahid Afridi the star player of Pakistan Cricket Team. He only plays one format for Pakistan and that is T20. He is also a former T20 captain of Pakistan cricket team. Shahid Afridi also known as the King of T20. Shahid Afridi now a days not in the Team. He has played BPL and show some good performance with the bat and bowl.

In Asia Cup 2014, Shahid Afridi played really well. He has lead his team to win some very extraordinary matches. In a match in Asia Cup 2014 against India, Pakistan needs 11 runs in last over. Shahid Afridi came on strike and Ashwin was the bowler, Shahid Afridi smashed 2 sixes on 2 consecutive deliveries and made a history to win against India in Asia Cup. Those 2 sixes were become so popular that every body remember them today as well. In an interview reporter ask Ashwin about those sixes see what has Ashwin answered.

Recently in an interview Ashwin was asked about those two hits which he received from Shahid Afridi. Ashwin said that like any other bad moment in the game he has forgotten ait as well. As a player if you want to grow up and continue then you have to clean your head of all the bad moments you have faced in your past.

Pakistan were almost down and out of that match in the Asia cup. If they had been defeated by the Indian side in that game then the doors were closed for Pakistan in Asia cup. That game was a do or die kind of a game and they won it thanks to the blistering knock by Shahid Afridi.

In the final over Pakistan needed a good number of runs and Afridi hit Ashwin for two back to back sixes and won the match for Pakistan. This one game gave Pakistan this much confidence that they went on to win the event as well. This over still is in the mind of Ashwin. He said that definitely there are moments that changes you as a player. It was one of them for him. He learnt a lot from that game and especially from that over. Ashwin also praised Afridi saying that in a crunch situation when there was no wicket left it was only Afridi who could have hit such shots. It is never easy as a batsman. There are so many things running through your mind and hence focusing on the game becomes all too difficult. But Afridi did it and he did it with style. This is what he is famous for.

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