Basit Ali slaps former cricketer in National Stadium Karachi

It seems that Basit Ali is finding any solutions to his attitude problems. Today he went too far when he slapped former cricketer Mahmood Aslam in National Stadium Karachi. Basit was angry on Mahmood for his remarks about him on TV show.

Mahmood on the other hand has said that he did not put any wrong words for Basit in the past nor he will in the future. He pointed out on the flaws which Basit has in his coaching abilities. Mahmood said that he did not even touch Basit after being hit by the former batsman.

The incident happened today during the National one day cricket championship game. Basit Ali was present in the ground with his team and Mahmood was there as well. Basit already had the grudge in his heart related to Mahmood. The reason is that Mahmood is an expert on a cricket show. He mostly comments on the international and domestic of Pakistan. Mahmood has criticized Basit for his coaching methodology and he has said that Basit should leave his side. Now Basit did not like it all
Today the two indulged in a debate and as per reports Basit slapped Mahmood. Now there is no footage of this evidence at the moment. Mahmood claims that Basit has physically abuse him. On the other hand Basit has denied all these allegations and have called them fake and fabricated just to hurt his reputation.

Now PCB will definitely jump into the matter. Basit is under central contract of PCB. Hence he is bound to obey the laws and regulations implemented by the Pakistan cricket board. Basit in the past has been known has a person who has temper issues. At the moment PCB is investigating the case.

The media teams present in the ground are also divided into two groups. One has this statement that Basit did went physical with Mahmood and he did slap the former cricketer. The other said that this is not true because no one has seen that happening. But the question here arises that why Mahmood would claim all this out of nowhere. If he is faking this or fabricating the whole incident than what is the cause behind it? It is like out of nowhere he has just stood up and said all this. Mahmood gave a little interview to the media and he was angry on Basit. He said that Basit has no education and as a result he behaves like illiterate people. He said that he will not stop criticizing his cricketing failures.

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