Chris Gayle angry at WCB for not selecting Bravo, Pollard

After smashing a massive 90 and destroying South Africa with the bat, Chris Gayle launched an enormous attack on the West Indies Cricket board and selection committee for not including the experienced duo of Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard. In an interview, Gayle regarded the situation as ridiculous and unacceptable. Gayle believes Pollard and Bravo are being isolated and punished for no reason.

Gayle sounded absolutely furious in his interview: “How can these two players not be included in the team? To me, its just ridiculous. I’m speechless, I just don’t have words to describe the disappointment. The squads have already been announced, and those two are not in the team.

The T20 format is our strongest, but the 50 over format isn’t. We will surely not be at our strongest without the duo of Pollard and Bravo. It’s a massive blow for the team to lose two big players who are amongst the best all-rounders in the world at the moment. I don’t know the exact reason and the exact story behind this situation, but I can only say that it looks like a ridiculous decision.

I have no idea where situations like these are taking West Indies cricket to. It is quite sad. We triumphed in the T20 series against South Africa without strongest squad, but we will no longer have our strongest in the 50 over format. It hurts to the core, but I would like to dedicate our series win to Pollard and Bravo. ”

The 15 man West Indies squad for the World Cup next month was announced on Saturday. Jason Holder was named captain with Samuels as the vice-captain. There was not even a single mention of Dwayne Bravo or Keiron Pollard. Earlier, Sammy, Pollard and Bravo were omitted from the West Indies squad that toured South Africa, and the three were expected to make it to the 15 man World Cup squad later.

Sammy made it to the 15 man squad, but Pollard and Bravo didn’t. Gayle’s direct attack on the West Indies cricket board came after the board granted general contracts to 12 national team players. The list did not include Gayle’s name, but Gayle didn’t mention that situation directly. However, he did indirectly bring it up by recalling the tour of India a few months back, in which the West Indies side, led by Dwayne Bravo, left and abandoned the tour as an act of boycott towards the West Indies cricket board.

One can say Keiron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo ended up paying the price eventually, but the situation still is not entirely clear. A lot of questions still remain unanswered. How is the West Indies team going to perform in next month’s World Cup without two of their biggest weapons in Pollard and Bravo?

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