Crowd goes crazy with Roger Federer  

Roger Federer is a name that doesnt even need any description. Without any shadow of a doubt, the great Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player to ever walk this planet.

Tennis fans have been lucky in the last century to have witnessed some of the finest tennis players ever, which include the likes of Pete Sampras, Borg, Arthur Ashe, Rafael Nadak, Novak Jokovic etc. But tennis has never and will probably never see a player greater than Roger Federer ever again.

Federer’s trophy cabinet is the most decorated in tennis history with the most number of grandslam titles that any male player has ever won. Besides his statistical records, Federer’s greatness in his style of play is something that cements his name amongst those of the most elegant and beautiful players of all times.

Known as a very humble and gentle character throughout his career, there mustnt be any tennis fan in the world who doesnt love or respect Roger Federer. Nobody, no player in the sports world thrills and entertains crowds quite like the great Roger Federer.

An example is from his recent Australian master series match with Jo Wilfried Tsonga. One of the many great weapons in Federer’s game has been his pass and move game. Federer, trailing 4-5 in the first set, on game point, serves to Tsonga, approaches the net and volleys the ball, making Tsongs loft it high up in the air. Federer however, never seems to get old , as he tracks back and hits an amazing volley smash to tie the set at 5-5 . Watch how Federer and the crowd enjoy after that

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