Curtly Ambrose bowls 9 No balls in a single over

Cricket is a funny game as they say and this is because that we have seen so many incidents which did not come to the mind as normal ones. There are players who get out in a funny way and then there are bloopers from the bowlers as well.

The best thing about cricket is that it has plenty of entertainment nd people like this entertainment. The t20 leagues have given a new domain to this cricket and now it remains no more traditional.

The bat and ball game has now become a science and the players are now more keen in towards developing new innovation to cricket. the cricket as we all knew it has changed now.

The best example of the changing in the fielding efforts and all the training before the match to the body hard in the field.

Pakistan cricket team is currently having some tough fielding session in Abbottabad and this is all because of the England tour. For Pakistan, there is a lot on the line here and they have to perform better on this tour.

We all know what happened to the team last time they went to England and how tough was for the players to stand in front of the people. Now one of the tainted players Amir will again be seen in action in England. This will be his real test. A make or break kind of a situation. This is the reason PCB asked the Army men to train the team. at this moment, the players re getting some tough physical exercises.

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