Dhoni frustrated with Rahane fielding. 4th ODI

Indian captain is known to be emotionless inside the ground during the game. He hardly gives out any emption inside the field but sometimes even the Captain Cool loses his calmness. This here is one of those times.

MS Dhoni was not happy with his premium batter Rahane on a misfield. Though one can argue that the ball just spun away from Rahane at the last moment. This incident happened in the 4th ODI between the hosts and New Zealand.

The ball was hit on the leg side. Patel was the fielder who made a good effort to stop the ball from reaching the fence. He stopped the ball and then threw it back towards the bowling end where Rahane was ready to take the ball.

The moment the ball landed near the Indian fielder it just spun away. As a result to this Rahane failed to stop the ball. New Zealand batters took another single of his misfield. Dhoni was watching all this and he did not like it.

His expressions were very serious and he even said something to Rahane. The Indian captain might have asked his fielder that he should have come up to take the ball. Rahane did not reply much to his captain and went back to his fielding position.

As for the game it was another one with a close end. New Zealand managed to hold on to their nerves and won it. Now the series is leveled and there is one final games to be played between the two teams.

New Zealand bowling is really good. Their seamers are taking most of the wickets on these pitches which suit the batters. The fast bowling department from the New Zealand side has taken most of the wickets in this series. The ball was keeping a bit low in this game and New Zealand picked up some useful number of wickets because of it.

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