Dhoni upset with Rahane misfielding, 4th ODI

The Indian ODI and T20 captain MS Dhoni is often known the calmest fellow inside the ground. He hardly shows any emptions on the field. This is the reason the world of cricket calls him Captain Cool and Mr. Calm.

But in the 4th ODI against New Zealand even MS Dhoni lost his calmness a bit. He was angry and he was not happy at all. The incident that angered Dhoni was a misfield. The ball was hit on the leg side by the Kiwi batsman.

Patel was fielding on the deep leg side boundary. The ball came to him and he fielded it well enough. Patel threw the ball towards the bowling end. Now Rahane was backing up this throw. The ball bounced in front of him and just deviated away.

The ball went out of reach of the Indian fielder. Dhoni did not like that. He thought that it was a case of misfield. Though it was a bit but still one could easily cushion Rahane here. The ball just suddenly moved away from him.

Patel could not believe it as well. He was smiling standing at the boundary line. He knew that it was not the fault of the Indian batsman. But Dhoni was not happy and his expression must have made Rahane a little bit nervous.

As for the game, New Zealand once again showed some superb bowling skills. They hi the ball in the right areas and got the wickets at regular interval. This helped the kiwis sealed off a tight win and level the series. New Zealand will now be eyeing the final ODI. They have the firepower to take that game as well which India will be eager to deny.

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