First Wicket By Junaid Khan – 2nd ODI

Junaid Khan is a left arm Pakistani fast bowler. He is pretty quick and is a genuine wicket taking bowler. His recent bowling performances in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) have been praised by a lot of Pakistani cricket fans. Even the Bangladesh fans are pretty much impressed from him. Junaid takes a small jump right at the start of his bowling action. This is something unique and no other bowlers does this while starting his bowling run up. Junaid now has unveiled the secret behind this jump theory and it is pretty interesting to know how he started it.

Junaid Khan said that back at the start of his career he never jumped like he does now at the start of his run up. It was a flat one like all the other bowlers in the world. Junaid said that in 2010 he made the first jump and that was just to change the momentum of the game and nothing much.

Junaid said that he was playing for WAPDA in that season. His side was playing a match against Port Qasim in Faisalabad. That was a flat wicket and his side failed to get wickets. After the lunch session on the opening day, Junaid said that to just give the batter some altering he made a jump right at the start of his bowling.

He got a wicket on that ball. Now Junaid still did not make any jump after taking a wicket. Another partnership was there in front of his team. To break that he again took a jump in the run up and this time again he picked up a wicket. Junaid said that this thing captured his mind at that point. Junaid did not jump regularly at that point.

Soon he started to jump often and every time he used to do that he tend to get a wicket. That gave Junaid a lot of confidence and soon this thing became a regular part of his bowling. He then went to India and with this new run up he took wickets in that series as well. Junaid then made this jump a permanent part of his bowling. Junaid said that he did get a few problems with the jump on the UAE grounds but as per the bowling coach Mohammad Akram if Junaid was pretty much ok and regular with this new run up then he should continue with it. Akram told Junaid that he should not alter it now as it has become a permanent part of his bowling .

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