Hat trick of no balls from Wahab Riaz, 2nd test 2016

Bowler tend to tend wickets in their hat trick but Wahab Riaz bowled a hat trick of no balls today. This is the worst he could possible go. He is a professional bowler and for many matches now he is failing to get rid of his no ball menace.

Wahab Riaz bowled three back to back no balls and Misbah just could not believe it at all. He was not happy with his fast bowler. This no ball issue caused Pakistan the wicket of Warner at the start of the game. This is not good bowling at all from Wahab.

Wahab Riaz has broken records of bowling no balls in test cricket now. His no balls have caused Pakistan a lot of troubles in England and it seems this will continue in Australia as well. He picked up Khawaja at the start of the morning test and they just lost his way. Normally when w bowler gets a wicket in any form of cricket, his tail goes up. He starts to bowl more and looks confident to take more wickets. But not in this case. Here Wahab finished the proceedings with three back to back no balls.

The landing is a big problem for Wahab Riaz. He is not in the right frame most of the time he is bowling. In fact no Pakistani bowler looked to be in the right frame of mind. They are wandering in the green bliss of MCG at the moment. All three balls were big no balls. There was no doubt that Wahab was landing within the crease. He definitely has some problem with his run up or the bowling jump. He needs to work on this issue. Misbah who was standing at mid-off was absolutely baffled with the way hos pace bowler was just running in and hitting no balls one after the other.

The second test between Pakistan and Australia might end up as a draw. There is hardly a chance of result coming out of this one in the form of one team winning. There is one day left to play and plenty of time in this test has been wasted by the rains. Pakistan fans will be hoping that they don’t see the repeat performance of their team which they gave in the third test in England. Pakistan team lost the game in the final session on day five. They lost all their wickets in that session. If that happens then Pakistan test cricket will face a lot of jolts for sure.

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