Historic Documentary by PCB

This documentary is made by none other the PCB himself and it has surely summed up the whole tour the Zimbabwe cricket team made to Pakistan after the World Cup. The first ever international tour to Pakistan in 6 years.

There was no international cricket in Pakistan for 6 long years and the people of Pakistan were really starving for international cricket. The strong factor was that they never loosed hope and they were assure that one day international cricket will return to these barren grounds.

Since 2009 when the Srilankan team was attacked in Lahore all the cricketing nations boycotted traveling to Pakistan and all the series were played in the UAE.

Zimbabwe became the first team to tour Pakistan after all those years and they were treated as state guests even the locals treated them as people who were the cricketing messiahs for them. This is what Pakistani cricket is all about.

The security was tight this much tight that even the Zimbabweans accepted that the security arrangements were excellent. The locals were not allowed to go near the players yet there was intense love seen on the faces of locals for the touring team.

Pakistan won all the matches played but Zimbabwe cricket team won the hearts and that too in millions. There were flowers thrown at them. The high officials in Pakistan met them and honored them and called them as the real heroes.

With this the door has opened up and PCB is now making sure that other teams also come to Pakistan now and consider it a safe place to play and enjoy cricket a game the locals and the players loves the most.