ICC T20 world cup 2016 Qualifying Match

The craze of Cricket is going to its peak day by day, and every county wants to participate in the ICC T20 world cup 2016. For this purpose ICC held Qualifier. All the countries that have their proper teams took part in the Qualifier. And Top teams of the Qualifier will be advanced to ICC T20 world cup 2016.

In ICC T20 world cup 2016 Qualifiers Cricket teams from the different countries display their great skills and entertain the Cricketing crowd very well.

During these matches, many players show their extraordinary skills and shocked the whole world, and prove that they can play a gud Cricket as well.

News are coming that many Cricket leagues of different countries are willing to buy the players that performed superb in the ICC T20 world cup 2016 Qualifier.

Scotland, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Oman, are the countries that show their superb cicketing skill in ICC t20 Qualifier 2016.

From which Scotland is the only country who upto yet who will play the t20 world cup 2016. Remaining 3 Times are Advanced to play offs are there Results will decide their participation in ICC T20 world cup 2016.

In Video you can see a Quality bowling by a youngster in match that was played between Namibia vs papua new guinea. His name is B. Scholtz.

He bowled a superb over against Papua new Guinea and destroyed their batting order. In last over of his 4 over spell he take 3 wicket and giving no run. And this over is considered as a best over of the ICC T20 world cup 2016 Qualifiers.