Imran Khan Batting Video

This video package is a fan made dedication to one of the legends Pakistan cricket produced, the great Imran Khan the Lion of Lahore.

Imran started playing cricket in the streets of Lahore. At a young age he was passionate about cricket as his cousins were in the national team and few of them captained Pakistan’s cricket team.

Imran kept on playing cricket at the college and university level. His effort paid back he was selected in the Pakistan’s cricket team for a test series against England.

Imran had a terrible debut and his bowling action was also not that significant. Imran however never learnt to back out in times of difficulties.

Imran is one of those few bowlers who changed their entire run up and bowling action. Imran concentrated on his batting and bowling and later made a comeback to the test team.

On his comeback it was a different Imran that the world saw. He was dangerous in his mental and physical approach. Imran never bent down to pressure situations.

He used to bat up the order to face the heat himself many times. His test hundred against Australia was one such occasion.

Pakistan lost four early wickets and Imran went to bat himself. He faced the Australian bowlers and smashed them to all parts of the ground on that day.

Pakistan in the end was able to save the test match thanks to Imran. Imran was a hard hitter of the ball. He used to smoke sixes to spinners using his feet. He was a great puller.

Imran gave the Pakistani team a new mental approach which was to fight like a cornered tiger.