Imran Khan on Mohammad Irfan bowling

The former skipper of Pakistan Imran Khan feels that there is no system in cricket in Pakistan and as a result player like Misbah makes his test debut at the age of 34. He said there is no part on the world where such things happen. This is the problem in Pakistan cricket.

Imran also said that fast bowler Mohammad Irfan has not been utilized properly. If he had been his captain he would have won games just relying on his bowling. Imran was pretty much upset with the way Pakistan cricket was falling down. He said that the system needs to be changed.

Imran Khan was talking to a media channel when he was asked about a question related to the performance of the Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan is doing well in the test format but their ODI and T20 performances are not up to the mark at all.

Imran said that first he would like to point on a major issue. Imran said that the system has collapsed and you are not getting good players. Those who are good you make them get a test debut at the age of 34 now that is the problem. Imran was clearly indicating towards Misbah Ul Haq.

The current Pakistani test captain took his first test match at the age of 34 and he has been one of the best test batsman and skipper for Pakistan in the history. Imran said that no other nation does it to the players except for Pakistan. There is a limit to everything.

Imran said that Misbah has proved himself that he is one of the fittest players in the team. He is a good captain. He leads the team really well. Think of Pakistan’s position had he taken his test cap at an early age. Player grooms himself as he plays international cricket. Misbah has done that.

As per Imran the other major issue he sees is the utilization of fast bowler Mohammad Irfan who is above seven feet tall and has a really good pace. With that much height and pace you have to keep him as a special unit. Bowlers like Irfan needs a special plan. They are not ordinary bowlers as per Imran Khan. The way he has bowled if he would have been his captain then as per Imran he would have won matches with just Irfan and no other bowler. Now there is one thing which people know and that is when Imran talks about cricket then he knows what he is talking about. He is a master in this field.

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