Imran points out at Nawaz on cricket issues

Imran Khan in his most recent interview has again lashed out at the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for interfering in the issues of PCB.

Hamir Mir asked him that why our cricket is falling down and the Pakistani people are in tears over this. Imran replied that their tears are old now. This nation is crying for many things which all failed to deliver to them.

Imran pointed out that the biggest issue is Nawaz Sharif he has taken the PCB matter in his own hands which is all too wrong. It should be with the president only.

Then the structure that we have in our domestic is all rubbish and collapsed many years back. There is no way that a talented person can rise up to the international level playing in this structure.

I have been shouting about it for the past 30 years that change this structure and today the chairman Sheharyar and the former ICC president Ihsan Mani did said the same words.

I have played the Australian domestic cricket and when I came back I wrote pages in it. I said that the Australians will never fall down for a long period of time.

Their domestic structure is so strong that they will keep on rising. They have been 7 times in the finals of all the world cups played and 5 times they emerged as champions. The reason is very simple their local structure is far too strong.

Get the number of teams to as low as possible this will enhance the competition in our domestic circle. Those international teams who have done it look at them they are the strongest now

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