Indian crowd stunned on fall of wicket, 4th ODI

The fall of Hardik Pandya gave Indian team, the crowd and commentators a complete shock. This was an unexpected shot from the middle order all-rounder. India had taken the required 6 runs as per the run rate in that over.

There was no need to go for a big shot. Pandya went for big one on the off side. He went down the track and lofted the left arm spinner Santner on the off side. The ball was hit well but it did not go where Pandya wanted it to.

The ball went to the long off fielder. This was a good catch by the fielder. The fielder took it near the boundary line. The moment the wicket fell there was a pin drop silence in the crowd. There was no voice coming out from the mouth of anyone.

The Indian commentators were not too pleased with the Indian all-rounder. Kohli left his seat in disappointment. He too was totally unhappy with Pandya. He was the main player for India at the point and yet he played a disastrous shot.

New Zealand bowling and fielding was fantastic. They bowled well and fielded excellently. The run out of Mishra was the prefect example. The fielder stopped the ball at the boundary line and threw the ball to the wicket keeper.

The calling between the two batters was horrible. There was no communication and blind running. Patel should have shouted back to Mishra and stopped him from taking this second run which was not there at all.

New Zealand are once again in the hunt. They have taken this game and will be eyeing for the final ODI. With this bowling lien they have the chance to win that game as well. Indian batting will be countering this bowling. Southee will be the key bowler for the New Zealand side once again. This will be exciting.

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