Interesting incident related to Misbah and Shahid Afridi

Pakistani test captain Misbah Ul Haq is one of the best profile in Pakistan cricket at this moment. He is really good when it comes to handling team like that of Pakistan. Misbah is the most successful test captain in the history of Pakistan cricket.

Misbah was recently guest of the Wasim Akram hosted show on a TV channel. Misbah shared his story to the cricket fans in that show. He told about his life before cricket. His childhood was ordinary like other kids, he used to play a lot of Tennis ball cricket.

He was not interested in the hard ball cricket. There was one of his cousin who wanted him to play the hard ball cricket. While Misbah never was inclined towards it. He was also doing his studies. Misbah holds an MBA degree in Business Administration.

Misbah shared the funny side of the Pakistani players as well. He told an incident he faced with Shahid Afridi. Misbah was new to the Pakistani team. He was the water boy and during the interval he went in to serve liquors to the players.

Misbah said that he made sure that he goes with all the favors which players wanted. There were 15 bottles with Misbah. He went to Shahid Afridi and he made a glare at the bottles first. Then he looked at Misbah and asked him where was Lassi.

Misbah said that he could not believe what Afridi said. He said that did not show any emotions to Afridi at that time. But deep inside, he was like he has not put a canteen here. Misbah said there are many other incidents related. It was fun at that time. There is humor present in the team as well. Misbah is indeed a class apart.

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