Inzamam hilarious answer about Afridi’s age

In the last T20 world cup Inzamam Ul Haq and many other former Pakistani players went to India as they were honored for their services to cricket. Inzamam Ul Haq was one of those players. He was also taken on a TV show as well.

Inzamam in his interview was asked about the real age of Shahid Afridi. Inzamam reply was as witty as it can get. He said that the last he check Afridi was 21 and that was some years ago. Ganguly then said that he heard Afridi telling he is 21 at least 21 years ago.

Inzamam and Ganguly both were part of this talk show. There were a lot of things discussed on the topic of cricket. Inzamam who was much senior than Ganguly was first asked about his experience in cricket and the way he see cricket being transformed in all those years.

Inzamam said that for any team the captain matters a lot. He, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and many others were lucky that they had the best captain in the history of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Inzamam said that Imran Khan was the polisher to all the things he has done as a test batsman for Pakistan.

Inzamam was second here by Ganguly. He said that the captain matters the most in a cricket team or for any other sports and the teams playing that sport. He said that he is the leader and hence he face to face everything first and that too right at the chin. Inzamam then was asked about Shahid Afridi. He was asked to give the details of his age. Inzamam had a light smile on his face and then he said that he heard once Afridi saying that he was 21 at that time. Ganguly in return to this answer added his line that it was 21 years ago.

This was pretty hilarious from the two former players. Pakistan went to play in India and they did get a lot of support from the Indian people. Pakistan team could not get much in terms of performance and did not even qualify for the semifinals. They could have made it through but the captaincy from Afridi was not well enough. Mohammad Amir did best with the white ball. Amir is not getting the same bowling rhythm with the red ball. He is struggling to the maximum with the red ball. Pakistan is having issues as Amir is struggling to get the maximum wickets with the red ball. He has to get back in a wicket taking form.

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