Kamran Akmal 49 Runs Inning in CPL

The sun has finally shined on Kamran Akmal and it shined with some intensity on the former wicket keeper batsman from Pakistan. He had an average tournament in CPL this season before the semifinal and final.

Kamran played two brilliant back to back innings in both matches and won man of the match awards in both the games. First in the semifinal he made 49 against the Guyana Warriors. Kamran looked a bit shaky in the start.

Later after 4 overs went pass Kamran initiated first in opening up. His first two hits went straight on the left arm off spinner. Kamran swept both the ball perfectly. The first went down the ground, beat the inner circle fielder and raced away towards the boundary.

The second one was aerial and it went all the way. It was a hard shot yet Akmal played it to perfection. He bent his knee and whacked the ball from its point of origin. After that came the big over for Akmal and Weise.

Kamran belted Weise for 5 fours in his over and with that he proved that he has gained his lost form. Kamran played some excellent shots in that particular over. In all his 5 strokes he was authentic and full of class.

Kamran hit 2 fours down the leg side with fine leg up in the circle. Both times he flicked the ball perfectly over the inner circle and with fine leg up in the circle they were just waiting for the ball to hit the ropes.

The remaining three went on the off side, first was aerial over the off side field. The second went through the point gap and the third went straight through the hands of mid-off fielder. Kamran executed some wonderful batting skills that led his team win the match.

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