Kamran Akmal 5 consecutive fours

The doors to international cricket may have been shut down to the Pakistani wicket keeper batsman Kamran Akmal but this doesn’t make him forget how to bat. In the CPL 2015 semifinal and finals he won the man of the match awards and performed brilliantly for his team.

In one of the matches he hit Guyana Warriors bowler Weise for 5 consecutive fours and the bowler he absolutely lost it. Weise was seen fuming with anger, first it was verbal and then in the end he smashed his shades on to the ground.

The first hit went down to square leg. It was a normal length ball pitched on the middle and leg stump line and Akmal just flicked it down towards the deep square leg for his first four. The second one came on the off side.

Weise pitched the ball outside the off stump and Akmal just sliced the ball over the inn field and the ball raced away towards the fence. The third came of a back foot cut shot through point.

Again Weise went outside the off and this time Akmal went on his back foot and cuts it beautifully in the gap between point and third man and there was no chance for any of the fielder to cut that one out.

The fourth came in the same region of the same shot like the first one. Again Weise went for Akmal’s body and again Akmal flicked it down to deep square leg for yet another four. The fifth one came down towards long off.

It was a full blooded drive from Akmal through to mid-off fielder who misfielded the ball and it raced away to the fence in no time and after that it was Weise and his anger moments.