Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona?

If Lionel Messi gets displayed on sale by Spanish giants Barcelona and decides to leave, he would without a doubt become the most wanted transfer target in the history of football. All recent signs including the Messi post Ballon d’ Or interview, as well as his ongoing dispute with Luis Enrique open the door for a possible exit for the Argentine star more than ever. In his interview at the ceremony however, Messi deemed all rumors about his exit as “lies”, and insisted that he would want to finish his career at Barcelona.

The Catalan club seem to be fighting harder than ever to keep hold of arguably the greatest player of all times.

In recent interviews, both, Barcelona manager Luis Enrique and President Josep Maria Bartomeu have laid emphasis that Lionel has no plans whatsoever, to leave the Spanish giants, despite the ever increasing rumors regarding his highly unlikely departure from the club he began his career with. The President also claims that he is pretty sure Lionel Messi would like to finish his career at Barcelona.

Luis Enrique has said that he predicts Messi to be a FC Barcelona player for many many years to come. Much to the relief of millions of Barca heads across the world, the boss has said that for the club, there is no such option as even considering playing without Lionel Messi.

Messi’s name has been linked with a number of European clubs, primarily Premier League title rivals, Manchester City and Chelsea. The rumors about an unreal Premier League migration for Lionel Messi have been viral ever since the start of the January transfer window.

But it is believed, that the only two clubs that can afford the 200 million pounds valued player are Manchester United and Real Madrid because of UEFA’s financial fair play rules. Carlo Ancelotti has said that he would relish the chance to make Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play together in his team.

“Although you must keep in mind that Cristiano Ronaldo is the heart of Real Madrid, and Messi is the heart of Barcelona. Both players are the best and represent their clubs. Both players have their own history and their own class, but to have them play in the same team, for us, would be something incredible. It is, however, something that is almost impossible to happen”

Although, some big Madrid to Barca or Barca to Madrid transfers have happened in the past, including the likes of Figo moving to Madrid, but one can say, that Ancelotti’s comments are just pure fantasy material.

With the rivalry between Real and Barca as heated as ever, these kind of rumors are the last things anyone would bring to mind.

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