Magnificent run-outs in cricket history

Fielding is one of the major developments we have seen in the last decade or maybe even more than that in all formats of cricket. now one catch or even one run out can make a difference and team lose important games.

Here are some of the best run outs that have been witnessed in different formats of the game. we see here the Australian fast bowler Johnson who kicks the ball to the stumps and makes KP run out. KP was trying to steal a quick run and Johnson was running towards the ball at that time.

Before KP could reach the crease the ball was kicked by Johnson and hit the stumps and KP and a few feet short of the crease.

Then we have the likes of Indian batsman Kaif who run out Nick Knight in a flash. Knight drove the ball too long off and went for a single and Kaif flashed onto the ball from covers and picked the ball to hits the stumps directly.

Ricky Ponting took Simon Jones out while standing near r the bat. jones went for a sweep missed it the ball went to Ponting and he was alert enough to check the foot of Jones not inside the line. He threw the stumps down and Jones had to move back to the pavilion.

In another clip, we see Cameron White taking the better of Ian Bell. White dived to the while standing at the point and then while he was on the ground he flicked the ball back to the stumps and Bell was not in his release at that moment.

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