Malinga 4 wickets on 4 balls against South Africa

The world cup 2007 was indeed a great tournament for the Srilankan fast bowler. Malinga remained as of the highest wicket takers of the tournament and also made a record to getting four wickets of consecutive delivers.

He took four consecutive wickets against the South Africans who just couldn’t read him in the dying stages of the match. Malinga first took Shaun Pollock with a beautiful slower delivery.

Malinga was mixing his deliveries perfectly and this was the reason the South Africans were unable to read him properly.

Malinga bowled to Pollock a beautiful slow ball which he bowled as if he created a loop towards the batsman. Pollock misjudged it and was beaten all hands up. The ball went under his bat and rattled the stumps.

The next man was Andrew Hall whom again Malinga bowled an exceptional slow delivery. This time the ball was pitched outside the off stump. Hall tried to defend it but the ball after hitting his bat went up in the air and the cover fielder went under it to take a simple catch.

The hat trick victim was none other than Jacques Kallis. This time Malinga bowled a fast pace ball to Kallis outside his off stump. The ball was pitched at a good length as well. Kallis went for the slice towards point but didn’t time his shot properly.

The ball took the outside edge of his bat and went straight into the hands of Sangakkara and that is how Malinga completed his hat trick.

The forth and last one was of Makayantini who received a fast Yorker on his middle stump and he had no clue to it. He missed the ball completely and it went pass his bat onto the stumps.

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