Mauka Muaka reply to Indian Fans

Today we probably have seen the end of the Mouka promo as the Indian team’s journey for the world cup ended in Sydney where the host Australia thrashed them by a huge margin.

These Mouka promos were part of every Indian channel and in all of them it was just mocking. These promos started a flare in Bangladesh and Pakistan because those promos that were made on them were quite provoking.

Today when India lost the media in these two countries especially social media was bombarded with strong replies to the Mouka promo team.

The fans made their own Mouka promo giving the Indian media a taste of their own medicine. This Mouka promo was made by a Pakistani fan.

In it we see the Indian fans present at the Sydney cricket ground watching their team getting defeated by the hands of the Australian players. In the background the Mouka song plays.

The faces of the Indian fans are full of sadness, grievances and pain. Many faces were seen in a shock state as they thought of their team being the undefeated ones.

Some were seen crying and tears were falling on their cheeks. This is what this promo is all about. It showed the Indian media that everyone feels pain after the loss so mocking them on their defeat will not do any good.

This message given to the Indian media is quite strong and it should be learnt in the same way. These promos hurt the feelings of a common fan who loves to see his or her team do wonders and they don’t deserve to be made fun of upon the loss of their team.