Misbah shares odd incident about Shahid Afridi

The test captain of Pakistan team Misbah Ul Haq is one success story. You will love to hear his story. The struggles he made and the way he started playing cricket. Misbah was not interested in hard ball cricket at the start. He was more inclined towards playing tennis ball cricket.Misbah in a show hosted by Wasim Akram shared his story. He told the audience how he started playing cricket. What was it feels to be playing tennis ball cricket at the start. Then coming to hard ball cricket and then to domestic.

Misbah shared a funny incident when he first came to international team. He said it was an ODI in Sharjah. There is a lot of heat in that part of the world. Misbah was providing water and other drinks to the players.He said that there were at least 15 bottles in his hand and he went in to the dressing room. Now as per Misbah he made sure that he got all the ingredients and flavors done as per the choice of the players. He went to Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi looked at all the bottles and then looked at Misbah. Then Afridi asked him there was Lassi present, where is it. Misbah said at that time he did not say a word to Afridi but inside his heart he was like there is no canteen opened by him.

Misbah said that international cricket is fun. Captaining the Pakistan side is a great honor and he feels that he is very lucky that he got this opportunity. Misbah also said that without hard work you don’t reach any place most of the time. You have to be patient and wait for your turn. Hard work always pays off.

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