Mohammad Amir 3 fours to Mitchell Starc, 2nd Test

Mohammad Amir is one of the Pakistan Star bowler. He is the only bowler who can swing the ball both ways. Mohammad Amir has more pace than current Pakistani bowlers. Mohammad Amir has shown some good bowling performance since his comeback to international cricket after 5 years ban.

In the current series against Australia Mohammad Aamir not only shown bowling performance but also shown great batting performance. In the first Test he fall 2 short of his Maiden Test Fifty. He batted really beautifully. Now in the current second Test Mohammad Amir came to bat and he is batting brilliantly. He smashed 3 fantastic fours to Australian star bowler Mitchell Starc in an over.

All the shots were perfectly placed from Amir or call that his luck. The first shot was brilliant. Starc pitched the ball up and Amir hit it from the full face of the bat. The ball hit the middle and went to the left of the mid-off fielder. This was so smooth from Amir.

The outfield despite being wet because of the rain was quick enough to get the ball over the ropes. The next ball hit Amir on the pads and went to the wicket keeper Wade. There was an appeal made for caught behind but only from Wade. Starc was not interested in it.

The next ball was slashed on the off side. This one hit the lower half of the bat and went in between the second and third slip. This was another belter of a shot. It hit the edge but the ball raced away to the fence at deep third man. Handscomb was present there but even he could not stop the ball. This went to the fence like a rocket. Now if we look at where the fielder was standing you could see he was more towards covering the slips in the deep. Still the ball beats him. The next boundary came to the deep fine leg fence. This time a flick did the job for Amir.

This ball was onto the hips and Amir managed to glove this one out of the range of diving Wade. The ball went again for the third boundary in the over. Amir was providing the throttle which Pakistan needs now. Already a lot of overs have been wasted because of the rain. Pakistan has done well with the bat at MCG. They are over 300 runs and still got 4 wickets in hand. They can get a good total. Now all will depend on their bowling. They have to get Australia out as soon as possible.

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