Moses Henriques gets frustrated while bowling

Australian all-rounder Moses Henriques had to leave the field completely frustrated and angry. The reason was nothing but the hamstring injury the all-rounder was facing before the game. He opted to play the game despite being injured.

Moses did not rest and opted to take the game. He bowled two balls and then while running for the third he had nothing left for him but pain. He threw the ball in anger on the ground and left the ground putting the commentators in complete surprise.

Moses was not well at all. Before this ball we could see him suffering from the injury. Moses was trying his best to just run in and bowl his balls but this does not go long for him. After two balls he just threw the ball on the pitch.

He went to the umpire and told him about his injury, took his cap and sweater and that was it for Moses. He went off the field and did not come back. Definitely that was a big blow for him and his side. Moses is an integral part for his side. We have seen him performing in this domestic championship and also this is the only way he could make his way back to the Indian national side. For each Australian player this championship is the criteria to prove his talent.

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