Moses smashes the ball in frustration

Australian all-rounder Moses Henriques was seen absolutely frustrated during a Shef Shield game. Moses had to left the ball and walk his way out of the ground. That was a bit surprising for the commentators as well as the players.

Moses bowled two balls and then when he was running in to bowl the third ball he just stopped in the middle and in frustration he smashed the ball on the ground. He went to the umpire, took his cap and sweater and went out of the field.

Later it was revealed that Moses was suffering from a hamstring injury and he was desperate to play the game. He tried his best to coup with the pain and play but then it went high for him and ultimately he had to stop his quest.

As per the news Moses was suffering from the injury before this game. He was advised to take rest but then again Moses wanted to appear in this game. We all know the importance of Australian domestic cricket for the local players.

This one championship makes or breaks an Australian player and Moses because of his performances in the past editions of Shield trophies earned him a spot in the Australian national side. He is an entertaining young talent for sure.

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