Muhammad Yousaf 4 sixes straight as an arrow

This video highlights the sixes Muhammad Yousaf hit in the last tour of Pakistan to Australia. Yousaf was in some prime form during that tour and played some wonderful innings. One of them is this one which had some powerful hitting.

Yousaf hit 4 top class strokes and all of them went all the way to the stands and the beauty of all of them was that they were hit straight down the wicket. They all hardly had any difference in between them.

The first one was hit to Share Warne. It was a flighted leg spinner and Yousaf used his front foot to reach the pitch of the ball and smashed it over Shane’s head to a huge six near the side screen. It was brilliant caught by one of the spectators sitting there.

The next blow was to Michael Clark whom Yousaf cleared his front leg and smashed his left arm flighted off break to the over the side screen and this one was even bigger than the previous one.

The third and fourth were again of the bowling of Shane Warne. The third one that Yousaf hit was again of a flighted leg spinner from Warne.

When he hit the shot it speared as if he has mistimed the shot but few moments later the ball was seen flying over the side screen and going deep into the stands there.

The last one Yousaf hit didn’t travel much long but it was a powerful stroke that ended near the side screen in the form of a six.

Warne was hot for 3 sixes and all of them were of same kind of deliveries. Warne was trying to flight the ball and with some spin to get an edge and every time Yousaf played all three with the middle if his bat and resulted in converting them to maximums.