We never went to any club Afridi

Few days back it was reported by the Pakistani media channels that Shahid along with few other players were fined and warned on discipline issues. This news spread like a wild fire. The cricketing circle was embarrassed upon listening to it.

Shahid Afridi during their practice session was interviewed by BBC Urdu regarding this issue. What is the true story behind it Afridi told media all the details.

Afridi was angry on Pakistani media as they reported false news. As per Afridi no such thing happened like we going to clubs. The basic blame was made that these players went to dance club and in result went back to their hotel late.

Afridi told the media that it was a dinner. He said we are in Australia not in some remote area of Pakistan like
Thatha or Larkana. There are other activities here apart from playing cricket.

He told the channel that he and fellow team mates went to a restaurant to have dinner and every restaurant in Australia have their own separate bars and clubs. We never went to any bar or club. It was just a simple dinner.

He said media always wants news and if there aren’t any then they will make their own just to stay in the race. Afridi said as they don’t have some big news these days so they made this false news about us.

Afridi also cleared that there is no issue between team management and players. Every player is fine with the management and board and this kind of news only harm the mind of the viewers.