Pakistan gave 5 lives to Sachin in 2011 WC

In international cricket if a quality batsman gets a second chance he normally ends up with a century to his name but on this day Sachin was given 5 chances by the Pakistani team but still he missed out his hundred.

Sachin was dropped 4 times and most of them were easiest of catches compared to the international cricketing standards. One was an LBW shout that he managed to escape and still apart from all this luck favoring him thing he ended up with 85 to his name.

The first catch was dropped by Misbah who was given an easy chance by Sachin when he tried to pull on from Afridi. Misbah went to his right to take the catch but couldn’t hold it and the ball dropped out.

The next one was dropped by Younas Khan. Sachin tried to lift Afridi over the covers for a boundary but didn’t middle the ball properly so it came right towards Younas standing at covers. Younas tried to take it in the air but the ball touched his palms and off she goes.

The next one was quite a tough one as it was a thick edge from Sachin and the ball hit Kamran’s knee and went towards the third man fielder. The reaction time was quite low and also the ball was not in the range of Kamran’s gloves.

The fourth one was again an easy one and this time Umer Akmal made a mess of it. Sachin went for the pull again but managed only to scoop the ball towards Umer standing at mid wicket that jumped in the air to take the catch but only got successful in popping it towards the long on region.

The fifth chance was of Saeed Ajmal and this time it was an LBW review that looked mighty close but somehow the third umpire gave that not out. Finally Sachin was caught at covers by Afridi on the bowling of Hafeez. He scored 85 runs with 5 chances to his name.