Pakistan players reactions after the loss

Yes, they were satisfied when their captain Shahid Afridi was talking to the host in the presentation party. Afridi was unhappy with the way his batsmen performed in the series. Every time the bowling did something good which was not often but still on a few occasions it was, the batting failed.

Today both batting and bowling failed and resulted in a series loss for Pakistan. Pakistan is out f the series now and Kiwis are the winner with a margin of 2-1. Pakistani players looked relaxed and satisfied with all the bad performance they showed in all three games.

In t20s Pakistan was comparatively a strong side but now they are not. Today the bowling first let them down. There was no decent performance by anyone except Afridi himself.

After that when the score was being chased the batting flattened. Pakistan lost their top order like they did not know how to bat. There were reckless shots were seen and some impressive catching by the kiwis.

Pakistan team needs desperate changes and the first two players who should be axed out from the team are Umar and Ahmad Shahzad. At the moment, they have proved that they are good for nothing. Both are playing illogical shots and getting out and putting the pressure on the batting line.

Afridi has pointed out that the team will go through changes and let’s just hope that this time they make the right choice.There is surely no place for Umar and Ahmad in the team.