Pakistan and Sussex observe one minute silence for Edhi

There are no words to describe the luminous personality of Abdul Sattar Edhi. He was one of Humanity’s biggest ambassadors. He was the man Pakistan was proud off. He was the light in the darkness for many living in Pakistan especially in Karachi.

Edhi was not a name. he was more like a brand and this brand was for the poor only. He was the helping hand which poor have always wanted in their life. Edhi is no more and Pakistan mourns his death. He was something to everyone in Pakistan.

Pakistan cricket team along with the Sussex county team paid a tribute to the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi. The two teams along with the management and coaching staff were present inside the ground observing one-minute silence for Edhi.Pakistani players made special prayers for Edhi after that. They all knew that their nation has been struck with a calamity. Edhi was one of the role models for many in Pakistan and across the world.

As for cricket, Pakistan cricket team is struggling against Sussex. The openers Wells and Finch hit a 212 runs partnership and that must have worried Pakistan. a new bowling combination was tried for this second warm up game and they did not produce anything but any balls in the first round.

Finch and Wells batted aggressively. Wahab Riaz, in particular, was hit for plenty of boundaries. Not only him other bowlers strive as well. only Zulfiqar Babar managed to have escaped from the hitting of Wells and Finch. At this moment Imran and Wahab both have picked up 2 wickets apiece.

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