Quetta Gladiators young fast bowler with stunning pace

Like all the other PSL franchises, Quetta Gladiators has also established a talent hunting camp. Their aim is to get talent from the Baluchistan province. Quetta gladiators is a team which most believes in getting the raw talent and then polishing it.

Now we have seen that teams getting some serious talent in these talent hunting camps. Yasir Jan and many others are the prime example of it. Now it is Quetta’s turn. Adeel Khan came to these nets and his bowling is the talk of the town these days.

Here we see him bowling at the whipping pace of 147 kmph. The moment the speed gun showed his speed there was a wave of disbelief seen running though the camp? People asked again what the speed was despite the guy holding the speed gun announcing Adeel’s speed.

Now at this very young age this is serious pace. Adeel is a natural talent. He is fast and this speed that he is shown here clearly tells that he can bowl really fast. This not medium pace bowling we are talking about here because that comes with 130 to 135 kmph mark.

This is lethal pace. When people realized that this guy really did bowl with this pace they all started congratulating the kid. This is something that one could saw is raw talent. Imagine this guy getting the proper training and exposure. It will definitely help him get pace and experience and become more lethal.

Quetta Gladiators were one of the finalists in the first edition. This is a really good team. Sarfraz Ahmed is their leader and he led the side really well in the first edition. They will come again strong in the second edition next year.

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