Roger Federer makes the crowd go crazy

There has been no greater player in Tennis history than the Swiss magician himself, Roger Federer. The great Federer might just be the most influential sportsman in the world.

In a recent match with Frenchman Jo Wifried Tsonga, Federer made the crowd go crazy with some stunning tennis, and a bit of humor. Federer is serving to Tsonga in a bid to go level at 5-5.

In vintage Federer fashion, he delivers a perfect serve which Tsonga reaches to at full stretch. Federer runs to the net and volleys the ball to perfection, and the ever energetic Tsonga reaches to that too, but could only manage to loft the ball high up in the air, perfectly set up for Roger to smash it for a winner, which the Swiss maestro does in some style.

The fun that Federer has with the crowd after that point is memorable. Federer gestures eith his hands for the crowd to raise their voices, and then gestures towards them to maintain silence. Roger repeats this 2 or 3 times, and the whole stadium seems to be enjoying with him. Tsonga, who himself is known to be a very entertaining character and joins in the act.

Some good humor and sportsman ship is one of the sweetest things to be seen in a sports match, and when legends like Roger Federer are a part of the act, things look 10 times more beautiful.

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