Sachin Tendulkar gets 5 chances against Pakistan WC 2011

Sachin Tendulkar who is always known to be a safe batsman and hardly gives any chance to his opponents was seen all too shaky against Pakistan in the semi final of the world cup 2011.

Sachin gave the Pakistani team as much as 5 chances to catch to his wicket but all of them went begging. Sachin got out on the 6th one and his score was just 85.

Three of these chances came on the bowling of Shahid Afridi and two of them were the simplest of catches dropped from the few fielders who are known to have the safest pair of hands in the Pakistani team Misbah and Younas.

The first chance came when Afridi bowled to Sachin a short of length leg spinner Sachin tried to pull it on the leg side couldn’t keep it down. Ball went straight to Misbah standing at mid wicket and he fumbled it.

The next one went to Younas Khan. This time Afridi gave some air to the ball outside the off stump of Sachin who in an effort to drive it again didn’t keep it on the ground and the ball went to Younas standing at covers. He made a mess of it completely.

The third one came as an outside edge of Sachin’s blade and after hitting on Kamran’s knee standing behind the stumps died on its way to the third man fielder. It was a tough chance by all means.

The fourth came on the bowling of Hafeez when Sachin tried to heave it on the leg side didn’t middle the ball properly. The ball went straight to Umer Akmal standing at mid wicket. He jumped in the air to take the catch but the ball hit his hands and popped up to ways the long on area.

There was another chance Tendulkar got when he escaped a near LBW review on the bowling of Saeed Ajmal. So Sachin had 5 lives that day but didn’t score much runs. He was finally taken By Afridi on the bowling of Hafeez on 85.